Cirkus Movie Review: Ranveer Singh, Rohit Shetty’s comedy

Cirkus Movie Review
Cirkus Movie Review

Cirkus Movie Review A new film by Rohit Shetty, director of the blockbuster films of Bollywood film industry, is being released on the occasion of Christmas to reach among the circus audience, which may not live up to the expectations.

Cirkus The audience has been waiting for the film for a long time because it includes Ranveer Pooja Hegde and Jacqueline Fernandez, many superhit actresses who have appeared as comedians. The entire team of Rohit Shetty has promoted Circus with a lot of noise that it is a comedy film but Perhaps in this film, Rohit Shetty could not give his flavor for which he is known, let’s know in today’s post Cirkus Movie Review

 Cirkus Movie Review

Cirkus Movie  The story of the film Cirkus is not very good according to us, in which it is told that due to the disturbances at the time of birth, the twins are separated, but after a few years, when they come together in the same place, due to their twin appearance An attempt has been made to bring comedians in this film from the time it happens.

But this story is very good to hear, but it has already gone here today, yes, the story of the film Anhoni in 1982 was similar in which Sanjeev Kumar and Deven Verma were seen together on the screen.


This story is based on Shakespeare’s drama ‘The Comedy of Errors’ but now in 2022, Rohit Shetty has once again tried to bring this story in a new style, he has linked this story with his famous film series Golmaal franchise. have also tried

Cirkus Movie Review – Story


Cirkus Movie The film is also inspired by a Bollywood film Golmaal Again. Jamunadas Orphanage has four twins. When two different families join together, Dr. Mohit Sharma swaps the twins to prove their unity and show them to the world. Wanted that for a child it is not his lineage but the prick of his childhood that is important

Both the children are named Roy Ranveer ji and Joy Varun Sharma, in this way one pair comes to the house of a businessman in a voice while the other pair reaches the owner of the terrace.


All around are living their lives peacefully when 1 day after 30 years Roy and Joy from Bengaluru have to come to Ooty for some work starts with CJI now Audi city is two Roy and two Joy sometimes people collide with one sometimes from other

People are more twins Roy and Joy are both smarter and connect more So what will happen when all four come face to face will they find out the truth of their swap where is it revolves around

Cirkus Movie Review – Acting

Ranbir Singh is one of the best actor of Bollywood who has given back to back great performances but in terms of acting Cirkus Movie is one of his weak teams the story in the movie doesn’t do justice to Ranbir Singh’s talent

The screenplay of the film is so weak that they don’t have much to do, neither they pair well with Pooja Hegde, nor Ranbir Singh and Varun Sharma’s chemistry with Jacqueline is anywhere near okay.

Pooja Hegde should pay a lot of attention to her screen presence, Jacqueline had a lot of weakness, so look at the supporting cast of this film’s result date.

Sanjay Mishra gives his best wherever Siddharth Jadhav has some important country but Shetty Rohit this time leaves the characters of actors like Murali Sharma and Johnny Lever very weak

Cirkus Movie Review – Direction

Directed by comedy films or action films, Rohit Shetty has only one style and he is the best in this but told you that Cirkus is his weakest film so far. The script written by Yunus Sajwal is very messed up due to which the strong star cast In spite of being, I look average from everywhere

Shetty has tried to make people a little nostalgic with Kabhi Jogat song to Kabhi Golmaal missed. The film gets a bit better in the second half but the story from the very beginning becomes so flat that it becomes difficult for you to stick with the film.

Not only this, perhaps this will be the first time that Rohit Happy has not done justice to his identity, all the characters are left out, the biggest regret is seeing the climax, the way the whole setup of the circus was ruined in this film. Which again reminds you of Hera Pheri where the circus sequences are shot or performed in a grand manner

Cirkus Movie Review – Music

Film Music Devi Shri Prasad Badshah and Lee Jo Jaan Le DJ Chetan has given the album of the film is very weak. Ranbir sings on Deepika and none of the songs reach your heart and mind except Current Laga De. It’s so average it doesn’t matter to the movies

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